Director's Cut - a Piers Atkinson production

'Director’s Cut’ is the name of Piers Atkison 10th season collection. For the Spring-Summer of 2013 the milliner recreates some of his best and most famous pieces like the ‘Hyper Cherries’ fascinator that so many of us have seen in the head of Anna Dello Russo.
Shot in an atmosphere filled with old Hollywood glamour these fun, sexy and playful pieces are certainly worthy of any cinematic diva.

From top to bottom:
'Liza with a Z'; 'The Hitchcock'; 'Bacall'; 'Hyper Cherries Mk II'; 'Mae'; 'Glinda'; 'Cover Girl'; 'Lady Jessica'; 'Lana'; 'Incognita'; 'Hollywood Revue' and 'Once upon a Honeymoon'.
You can discover the entire collection here

Smythson: absolute Craftmanship

When you think of leather is hard not to associate it with luxury. And when you add craftsmanship to the mix you get a remarkable combination that promises an experience that will last you a lifetime.
Such is the case with Smythson that since 1887 has been offering all of the aforementioned ingredients to its customers. 

I still remember the first time I came across this British brand, when first discovering their leather diaries and notebooks that could be personalized with ones initials. What can be more extraordinary that owning an object that contains your entire life (or at least its most relevant pieces) and that it carries your name on it? More than just belonging to you, it becomes a part of you.

Marking their 125th anniversary, Smythson has partnered with Carter Peabody from Peabody & Co. in order to create a unique video that perfectly illustrates the values for which this brand stands for.
Beautifully directed, it takes us into a short journey through the making of different items that have become part of Smythson’s history and heritage. Providing a delightful and sensory experience, this is only the first insight, part of a small series that aims to bring us closer to the heart of true luxury...
I say they have already achieved that.

Baguera's contemporary baroque - Vectory earrings

Baguera is a Portuguese accessories brand created only a year ago by Branca Cuvier but that already gained the attention of a lot of people, especially thanks to its Vectory clutches that won POP’s 2012 – a competition that aims to discover new and interesting Portuguese creative projects and that its endorsed by Serralves Foundation.

But more than the clutches it were the earrings that caught my eye.
The Vectory earrings present classic cuts that you would normally find in traditional jewellery pieces. These earrings are instead made of colourful acrylic offering a contemporary approach to a more archetypal concept.
Bearing pear, princess, emerald and heart cuts, these earrings introduced earlier in July are still quite on time to make that much needed neon statement that all summer outfits crave for (at least if you are in some nice, sunny place right now).
To encompass all our hearts’ desires they come in blue, yellow, pink, a mirrored version and a tricolour version.
Make sure you satisfy this new sartorial passion at

From top to bottom:
Emerald; Heart; Pear; Mirror and B.Y.P. Pear.

Charlie May

Charlie May is a British fashion designer.
Well, you might have heard her name before... but let’s present her this way, shall we?...

So, like I was saying Charlie May is a young British fashion designer.
With only two collections out, she already has a very strong design identity.
Having been raised on a farm on South West England, it is funny to see that May’s designs bear such a stark and minimal aesthetic. Perhaps this is a response to the contrasting bustle of a city like London, where she is currently based.
May’s designs represent therefore a ‘back to basics’ principle, where the details present are carefully measured not to disturb the essence of the items but to enrich them. 
Using a monochrome palette May focuses on androgynous silhouettes that still have some space for femininity.
Both her SS 12 and her AW 12 collections share the same design principles. Although different they follow a continuity line, being instantly recognizable for all of those who have already become fans of her work...

... And of her blog. Yes, Charlie May is also a fashion blogger. And a damn good one, too. But I’ll leave that for another post...

Charlie May AW 12 collection
Photographer: Saga Sig
Stylist: Alexxsia Elizabeth
Make up: Thom Ticklemouse
Hair: Alex James Fairbairn
Model: Tatjana Saric @ Profile
Shoes by Miista

Supreme AW12

I’m pretty sure everyone recognizes a certain white tee with a red box logo that reads ‘supreme’.
Even if you don’t know the brand itself, you’ve certainly come across this more than iconic piece of clothing. Would it be on magazines, posters or just lost somewhere on the web.

I don’t skate. I never did and now it would be a bit late for me to learn. Either way, I’ve always been a fan of skater culture (and skaters as well, for that matter). So for me, Supreme is one of those brands that naturally intrigued me. And I’m glad to say that it turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise. 
Not only their branding is quite effective - the more than famous aforementioned logo t-shirt plus the advertising campaigns with Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, Kermit the Frog, etc. – as their clothes do live up to the expectations.
Their newest collection for this AW 12/13 is already in store (unless you’re in Japan, where it will only be available on the 25th of August) and pleading to our wallets.
The lookbook stars Jason Dill, pro skateboarder and photographer, dressed up in smart urbanwear. ‘Smart’ because it presents a sense of wearability, comfort and practicality in the right measure, as well as an appealing aesthetic sense.
There’s a lot of outerwear with padded jackets, parkas, field jackets, etc., and a great deal of prints and patterns (stripes, roses, eight balls, ducks, stars, dots and even the Virgin Mary).
A great collection that proofs that branding is not the only ‘supreme’ thing they can do. 

In case you can't go to one of their stores, the new AW collection will be available online from the 30th onwards.